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SAS At Home Courses

SAS At Home logoRecent discoveries in the field of neuro-plasticity have enabled scientists to develop effective, non-invasive and safe methods to boost attention, understanding, memory, reading and writing. More specialised processing by each brain-half and better synchronisation between the two sides can dramatically improve performance and aid cognitive, physical and emotional development. Improvements in sensory processing can also help those with conditions such as auditory processing disorders, speech delay, autism, Down's Syndrome and cerebral palsy.

Thousands of children and adults have developed new skills, released potential and progressed in life by completing a neuro-sensory SAS course. For clients who do not live within easy reach of one of our specialised SAS Centres, we now have a range of SAS At Home courses designed around these five core competencies:

  • Learning Enhancement - supporting understanding, memory and application;
  • Attention & Focus - building attention, concentration and focus;
  • Sensory Balance - strengthening sensory processing ability;
  • Reading & Dyslexia - activating the language processing centres (not available as Starter course);
  • Speech Development - improving speech and expression (not available as Starter course).

Every SAS At Home course is individually designed and fully personalised based on the information provided through the Client Questionnaire, or personal interview for the Coached courses.

  • 12S Starter Courses - 12 music-only programmes, cost-effective self-application SAS courses.
        Complete 28 day self-application courses containing 12 programmes of 30 minutes each, plus full instruction manual.
  • 24A Advanced Courses - 16 music plus 8 language programmes, advanced self-application SAS courses.
        Complete 28 day self-application courses containing 24 programmes of 30 minutes each, plus full instruction manual.
  • 36C Coached Courses - complete 28 day courses with personal coaching, the best way to ensure success.
        Complete individually designed 28 day courses with active personal coaching support by telephone or Skype.
£ - British Pound Sterling – prices from £ 4.29 per day (click for more details) ▼
€ - Euros – prices from € 6.07 per day (click for more details) ▼

12S Starter Course - 12 music-only programmes of 30 minutes each: € 169.95.
24A Advanced Course - 16 music + 8 language programmes of 30 minutes each: € 284.95.
36C Coached Course - fully personalised programmes + seven personal coaching sessions: € 640.00.

US$ - US Dollars – prices from US$ 6.43 per day (click for more details) ▼
CA$ - Canadian Dollars – prices from CA$ 8.22 per day (click for more details) ▼
AU$ - Australian Dollars – prices from AU$ 8.40 per day (click for more details) ▼
NZ$ - New Zealand Dollars – prices from NZ$ 8.93 per day (click for more details) ▼


Each SAS At Home course consist of an individually designed set of downloadable programmes in MP3 format and a detailed instruction manual. Each course requires 28 days of listening, one hour each day over a four to five week period. The Starter Course will require more programme repeats than the longer and more personalised Advanced and Coached Courses. Programmes can be played through any computer, smart phone or media player capable of reproducing stereo MP3 files. Stereo headphones are required, ideally a full-sized model that covers the ears well. Full details and programme sequence recommendations are included in the instruction manual and you can also find more information on the Questions and Answers page.

To order your personalised course, please follow these two simple steps:

  1. Order your SAS At Home course by clicking the relevant PayPal "Buy Now" button below. For other currencies, please email us.
  2. Complete the Client Questionnaire.

One of our experienced SAS Practitioners will personally design each individual course, specifically tailored to the age, condition and needs as indicated by you. For Coached courses we will contact you by telephone or Skype to discuss your specific requirements. Within a few days you will receive the download links for your personalised programmes and instruction manual. You are now ready to start your SAS At Home course.


12S Starter Course:    
  12 music-only
  personalised 30 min
  programmes, plus
  instruction manual

24A Advanced Course:
  16 music + 8 language
  personalised 30 min
  programmes, plus
  instruction manual

36C Coached Course:
  fully personalised
  programmes plus
  seven personal
  coaching sessions

GBP £     
12S-GB: £ 119.95
24A-GB: £ 199.95
36C-GB: £ 450.00
Euro €     
12S-EU: € 169.95
24A-EU: € 284.95
36C-EU: € 640.00
Euro €   
US $     
12S-US: US$ 179.95
24A-US: US$ 299.95
36C-US: US$ 680.00
US $
CA $     
12S-CA: CA$ 229.95
24A-CA: CA$ 379.95
36C-CA: CA$ 860.00
CA $
AU $     
12S-AU: AU$ 234.95
24A-AU: AU$ 394.95
36C-AU: AU$ 880.00
AU $
NZ $     
12S-NZ: NZ$ 244.95
24A-NZ: NZ$ 409.95
36C-NZ: NZ$ 920.00
NZ $