Client Comment

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Mother: I have to admit within the last 5 days of the programme and for 5 days straight after finishing it I was starting to feel doubtful, questioning and almost desperate. As it was almost like my daughter was in some kind of cloud, depression or what seemed like shutdown mode. Now I realise I guess this is just what my daughter needed to do to process some of the changes that were going on in her brain and being. As when this cloud lifted which it did with great clarity 5 days later, it seemed what emerged was a clearer, more astute, able, confident, brighter and switched on girl.

The main areas that we notice have improved in our 11 year old daughter who has always had Dyslexic issues with learning, is a much greater articulation in her speech, an increase in vocabulary but most important a big reduction in hesitation upon speech. It is almost like the river of communication that flowed inside her brain was stagnant and she had to reach into the depths to find her words, whereas now it seems the river flows freely, she has greater ease, fluidity and flow with her speech, articulation and communication. She does not say “and, uh or mmm” anymore when expressing herself which used to happen almost all of the time. She is a lot more switched on than before, her memory is better and she seems to have a greater balance in herself and how to handle tasks. Her teachers and learning support at school say they notice a definite improvement in her abilities and confidence.

All of this leads to a happier daughter, less anxious parents and an easier home life. My husband and I said whilst making the decision to use this therapy, if this helps our daughter even just 1% it is worth it and whilst chatting to another mum the other day I realised that we have gone well and beyond in percentage and it would be hard to put a measure on it but if put on the spot I would say she is at least 35% better than she was, and as these changes happen we are experiencing new things all the time.

Thank you very much for this new, innovative and effective method.